SureTouch is an FDA cleared device that uses a unique technology to detect breast masses including breast cancer. 

SureTouch is a screening examination that detects all types of abnormal breast masses. The purpose and goal of screening is to detect masses as early as possible.  When a mass is detected and turns out to be cancer, the earlier that cancer is detected the better the chances for smaller rather than larger surgery, and the better the chances for a woman’s survival of the cancer.

SureTouch is a screening examination, which means it finds abnormal masses, but doesn’t determine – diagnose – whether those masses are cancer or a less serious mass.  When a woman has an abnormal mass detected, the next step is a second study to determine what type of mass is present.  That study is most commonly ordered by a woman’s personal physician, and is usually an ultrasound examination of the breast, or a specialized mammogram.

SureTouch is not a substitute for mammography.  Mammography is able to detect a condition called DCIS, a condition that puts a woman at high risk for developing cancer and is treated with surgery and chemo or radiation therapy; SureTouch does not detect DCIS. 

  • In order to best protect themselves, all women should have mammograms.  Increasingly doctors are recommending that women have a mammogram every two or three years.  In order to best protect themselves, women should have a SureTouch examination every year in between those years they have mammograms. 

  • Many women will not agree to have a mammogram, in fact 21 million women in the US who are over 40 are not willing to undergo mammography.  For women who don’t have mammography, SureTouch is a very effective means of screening for abnormal masses including breast cancers.